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Those Which Orbit Us

2023. Handmade paper (black denim pulp), magnesium, potassium, iron, monofilament 

Much of what lives on Earth relies on the moon in some sort of way. Some rely on it heavily, while others rely on it in ways they may not know. At a simple level, our singular moon of Earth controls our tides, the tilt of the planet, and the way we manage time and calendars.

On a deeper level, the lunar cycles play a vital role in migration and reproductive patterns as well as the moon may play a role in other functions of the body.

The moon has started wars with the Space Race. One which launched an urge to venture out and see what the human race is capable of.

All of this is done with just one singular moon. Imagine what life could be like if Earth was like one of our fellow planets with dozens of moons.

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