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Pale Blue Dot

2022. Laser printed book pages, hand-bound hardcover book, resin/plaster light fixture.

"As of September 5, 2022, there are 5,084 confirmed exoplanets within our universe with nearly 9,000 awaiting further study to determine if they will be added to the list.


The qualities of these exoplanets range in ways that can be hard to imagine. The stars they orbit may make our own sun look like a spec of sand. They may be rocky like Earth and Mars, or gas-rich like Jupiter and Saturn. And the size of the planets themselves can be smaller than us or much, much larger than Jupiter.


This catalog notes all of the current confirmed exoplanets in ascending order regarding stellar mass.


Within all of this, our Earth is but a pale blue dot."


The front cover of the book is covered with hardened iron and silica powder. Iron and silica are prominent minerals in the composition of many planets.

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