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Mars Rover Data Book


2020. Hand-bound laser printed pages

The first page reads:

"The Mars Opportunity rover captured a pandora of its final resting spot in Perseverance Valley. The rover composed 354 images taken between March 13 and June 10, 2018 before the solar panels were covered by the global martian dust storm on the same June 10.

What is to follow in the pages of this book is the final photos pieced together and translated back into the code in which computer systems read images. The amount of data Opportunity has communicated for this final photographic task shows the immense catalogue of dialogue we had with the rover over the span of its entire life."​

230 pages of code in font size 4.5. The first page provides an introduction to the reader of what they are looking at. The last two pages show the image in its full as well as a description of what exactly we are seeing, how it was made and why it looks like it does.

To see the actual panoramic photo and learn more, please click here.

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