My practice aims to find new ways to represent the intangible world and feelings that live outside our own atmosphere. This interest in the interstellar world began when the Mars Opportunity rover was declared dead in February 2019 with these final words echoing across news headlines: my battery is low and it is getting dark. The undeniable human quality of this sentence struck me with sadness and I set out to find a way to commemorate the rover in some way.


The majority of my work takes form through screen printing, risograph printing and book binding. I work to experiment and push the boundaries of the mediums in order to achieve my goals with representation.

In addition to this work I have also been finding my way around the world of self publishing. This has helped to advance my skills in book binding and to learn new ways to communicate in a story-like fashion. I am eager to continue on with this experimentation and become more immersed in the zine, DIY publishing  and artist book community.​

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