Kirstin Dunlap’s practice is comprised of printmedia, primarily screen printing, offset and risograph,  which is utilized for it’s common attribute of public announcement. The themes Kirstin is currently following revolve around outer space and interstellar travel which ends up carrying with them an educational aspect. Because of this, the work she makes constitutes as both art objects and as tools for learning. The art object part of this comes from the form it takes, as Kirstin has been exploring the realm of artists books, publication, and presentation. It then becomes a learning tool based on the information it provides. Kirstin’s goal is for this type of subject matter to feel approachable and for viewers to interact with it with some sort of fascination or wonder of the world outside our own. Screen printing as a medium works well with these types of pieces as the ink gives it a tactile quality, especially when luminescent, gritty, and sparkly pigments are added to the ink, as she does. Kirstin’s drive to make this work comes from her passion for learning and eagerness to share that knowledge with others. Combining her love for space, learning, and printmaking just just felt like the right move. The process for each piece also requires Kirstin to do heavy research on the subject as well as research binding and format techniques. Kirstin is pushing herself to experiment more with print media used as more of an art object instead on it being strictly two dimensional.

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